Pursue my little dream - To be a real designer and create my own style

Hello dear friend, welcome to my little on line shop,we are collective team, we have 6 Members,we work together for one dream, to create new popular style, and make more and more people to love our creation.

During 2012, I opened my etsy shop and start to design my own style.  And I will start my own
website in 2019

Designer is my dream,I study fashion design in my college, and do the design work for many years after I graduation. I would like my design to be Casual,simply,different but not strange, In my opinion, a small ,useful ,creative detail is very important for a good design.and I prefer eco friendly linen fabric, and high High quality wool, Nature and feeling good,I hope peole can wear them at home, also can wear them to go to work, comfortable to wear and can catch more eyes.I make a lot of design flowing this concepts.

I want to create much more successful design, and at last create my own style.I have to work hard and need a little lucky .I will keep focus on Casual,Simply,Different,I think I can do it.

We sincerely hope you will like our design , and we will do our best to provide quality clothes and good service.