womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189
womens coat, winter coat C189

womens coat, winter coat C189

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This womens coat is made of wool blend, it is warm in winter, this green jacket has special collar and two pockets, it is very popular with womens.
When it's cold outside, there nothing better than a comfortable but stylish new warm coat. You want to be unique but you also want to be warm. Being cozy does not mean you have to look like the Michelin woman! This contemporary winter coat in army green is definitely one for ladies with discerning tastes.

This coat was designed to be ideal for wind resistance, durability as well as mobility. The shorter length of this coat is perfect today for city dwellers who need to endure colder weather. This modern take on a classic design will not only keep you warm but you'll look very stylish too.

This army is made of 90% wool blend, others are polyester, and polyester lining inner, so that it will retain its shape for many years. It closed with an asymmetrical front zipper and has a split V shape at the bottom front. Updated with a modern twist, this asymmetrical front zipper winter coat is a lustrous utility jacket to keep you one step ahead of the weather.

* Large cowl collar
* asymmetrical front zip closure
* long sleeves
* two side/front pockets
* Fully lined
* wool blend/polyester
* dry clean


Happy customers said this:

*** I wanted to thank you for the jackets. The quality and sizes are wonderful . I am very pleased with the customer service and how you handle your customers. Keep up the beautiful work. Thank you!

*** The coat is beautifully made and looks exactly like the photo in the listing. True to size and extremely warm. Thanks!

*** Yay! Our coat arrived. It fits well and looks wonderful on my daughter. We're very pleased...with your meticulous work, the quality of your materials, and your communications with us throughout the shipping process. I've never ordered anything that's had to come all the way from China before. Thank you for the care you've taken through

out this whole process. I may have to order an additional coat for myself. It's gorgeous!

Shop sizing chart FYI (made according to US sizing using actual body measurements, NOT measured by clothes laying flat)

SIZE (US 0, UK 4, Italian 34, French 32, German 30, Japan 1)
bust: fits bust around 32.5”/82.5cm
Waist: fits waist around 25”/64cm
Hips: fits hips around 35”/89cm
For overall height: 5'2"/157cm around

SIZE (US 2, UK 6, Italian 36, French 34, German 32,)
bust: fits bust around 33.5”/85cm
Waist: fits waist around 26”/66cm
Hips: fits hips around 36”/91.5cm
For overall height: 5'3"/160cm around

SIZE (US 4, UK 8, Italian 38, French 36, German 34,)
bust: fits bust around 34.5”/87.5cm
Waist: fits waist around 27”/68.5cm
Hips: fits hips around 37”/94cm
For overall height: 5'5"/165cm around

SIZE (US 6, UK 10, Italian 40, French 38, German 36,)
bust: fits bust around 35.5”/90cm
Waist: fits waist around 28”/ 71cm
Hips: fits hips around 38”/ 97cm
For overall height: 5'5"/165cm around

SIZE (US 8, UK12, Italian 42, French 40, German 38,)
bust: fits bust around 36.5”/92.5cm
Waist: fits waist around 29”/73.5cm
Hips: fits hips around 39”/99cm
For overall height: 5'7"/170cm around

SIZE (US 10, UK 14, Italian 44, French 42, German 40,)
bust: fits bust around 37.5”/95cm
Waist: fits waist around 30”/ 76cm
Hips: fits hips around 40”/ 101.5cm
For overall height: 5'7"/170cm around

SIZE (US 12, UK 16, Italian 46, French 44, German 42,)
bust: fits bust around 39”/99cm
Waist: fits waist around 31.5”/ 80cm
Hips: fits hips around 41.5”/ 105.5cm
For overall height: 5'7"-5'9"/173-175cm

SIZE (US 14, UK 18, Italian 48, French 46, German 44, )
bust: fits bust around 40.5”/ 103cm
Waist: fits waist around 33”/ 84cm
Hips: fits hips around 43”/ 109cm
For overall height: 5'7"-5'9"/173-175cm

SIZE (US 16, UK 20, Italian 50, French 48, German 46, )
bust: fits bust around 42”/107cm
Waist: fits waist around 34.5”/88cm
Hips: fits hips around 44.5”/113cm
For overall height: 5'9"/175cm around

SIZE (US 18, UK 22, Italian 52, French 50, German 48, )
bust: fits bust around 44”/ 112cm
Waist: fits waist around 36”/ 91.5cm
Hips: fits hips around 46.5”/ 118cm
For overall height: 5'9"/175cm around

SIZE US18 or 5'9"/175cm+ takes 50USD to cover extra fabric, labour and shipping. Please contact us before making order.

* You may give me your measurements before or after payment (I will send you measurement guide if needed)

* If you have some specific request or special characters such as broad shoulders, long arms, long waist, etc that you think we need to pay attention to when making, please do let me know.

The basic measurements we need for making your order:
[bust]: the fullest part of your bust, not bra size
[natural waist]: the thinnest part of your upper body
[hips]: the fullest part of your hips
Your overall height

Materials: wool coat,wool blend,polyester

Size Guide

1.What is your body measurement

2.What is your body shape

2. Size Chart

3. Information I need to check size for you


1. Get your body measurement with this instruction



B. Wasit


C Hips

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2. Find your size in this SIZE CHART
Size Busts Waist Hips
XS 32.5"-33.5" 25"-26" 35"-36"
S 34.5"-35.5" 27"-28" 37"-38"
M 36.5"-37.5" 29"-30" 39"-40"
L 39"-40.5" 31.5"-33" 41.5"-43"
XL 42"-44"




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3. Have question about the size ? send me your body measurement for some help.

Bra size






Normal clothes size

Your body shape

Phone number

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4.What is your body shape

body shape

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